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17 October 2018 Please Note: due to the prolonged lack of rain, we are only able to provide lamb products at this time. Buy your Grass Fed Beef and Lamb direct from the producer in our beef, lamb or combination packs. Exceptional eating and great value. We deliver throughout Australia, refrigerated to your door!  

Grass Fed Beef and Lamb

Running of cattle and sheep together has given us a powerful ecological tool for repair and rehabilitation of our pastures. The ‘Herd Effect’ and ‘Animal Impact’ are tools that we have used through our grazing system to repair and restore problem areas, increasing total yield. This allows us to grow all of our meat the way nature intended – from grass.

Eric R. J. Harvey

Eric is a member of Stipa Native Grass Association, Australian Simmental Breeders Association, Australian Professional Woolclassers Association At Gilgai Farms he regularly host field days and training days for a number of organizations wishing to showcase and teach regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices.

Ecological Farming Systems

Gilgai Farm’s ecological farming system promotes an increase in biodiversity to build a resilient ecosystem able to withstand fluctuations in temperatures, rainfall patterns and climate variability while producing healthy and nutritious, quality foods.

Biological Farming

By restoring a chain of ponds system and wetland areas we are rehydrating our landscape to recreate the naturally fertile conditions of the land prior to European settlement. Compost teas are restoring our soil microbial activity which has produced astounding results.

Chain of ponds on Gilgai Farms

Testimonials for Gilgai Farms Grass Fed Beef and Lamb

“Because I have been on the farm and I have seen the absolute health and well being of the animals, I would highly recommend the produce.
This is some of the best food, vital food that you can get….. and delicious so …..’don’t delay … get some today’.

“Our family purchased a Gilgai Beef pack and found the meat to be amazingly tender and full of flavour. It was quite different to the supermarket meat. The kids love it too.”

“A short note to express our deepest appreciation with your “butchers” delivery last Friday.  It is most welcome, and we have already sampled a couple of meals. We would be interested in finding out where you had them killed and hung and the process, as it is very good meat. No doubt the breeding had a lot to do with the quality. Once again very many thanks.”
Joan and Peter

“We were delighted with the exceptional quality and flavor of the meat. It is so tender and succulent. We have found it hard to get quality meat where we live. It’s the best meat we’ve tasted!! Can’t wait for the next delivery!!!”

“You can taste the freshness and the meat is very kind on the digestive system”

“We cannot remember when we tasted beef this good, with its beautiful flavour and texture, and very tender. It is so pleasing to see somebody taking such care in the farming and slaughtering process.  The whole family is looking forward to our future orders.”

“I have to say it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a steak that was as tender, juicy and tasty as the one I had”.

I would have to say the meat is fabulous. Everything is much better than we get from the supermarket. The taste is certainly unique and deep. I did not think that meat could taste this good, even better than the restaurants.”

“The meat we got from Gilgai was exceptional. The steaks were equal or better than any I have had before.”

“My partner (who generally dislikes sausages) has been converted and can’t get enough of the Gilgai sausages. The rump steak was amazing and the premium mince was a dream to cook with. All in all I am extremely happy about the quality of the product, the ethos of the farm and the above-and-beyond service from Eric and his staff.”