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17 October 2018 Please Note: due to the prolonged lack of rain, we are only able to provide lamb products at this time. Buy your Grass Fed Beef and Lamb direct from the producer in our beef, lamb or combination packs. Exceptional eating and great value. We deliver throughout Australia, refrigerated to your door!  

Grass Fed Beef and Lamb

Running of cattle and sheep together has given us a powerful ecological tool for repair and rehabilitation of our pastures. The ‘Herd Effect’ and ‘Animal Impact’ are tools that we have used through our grazing system to repair and restore problem areas, increasing total yield. This allows us to grow all of our meat the way nature intended – from grass.

Eric R. J. Harvey

Eric is a member of Stipa Native Grass Association, Australian Simmental Breeders Association, Australian Professional Woolclassers Association At Gilgai Farms he regularly host field days and training days for a number of organizations wishing to showcase and teach regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices.

Ecological Farming Systems

Gilgai Farm’s ecological farming system promotes an increase in biodiversity to build a resilient ecosystem able to withstand fluctuations in temperatures, rainfall patterns and climate variability while producing healthy and nutritious, quality foods.

Biological Farming

By restoring a chain of ponds system and wetland areas we are rehydrating our landscape to recreate the naturally fertile conditions of the land prior to European settlement. Compost teas are restoring our soil microbial activity which has produced astounding results.

Chain of ponds on Gilgai Farms

It’s About Health


Where has the year gone??

The seasons have been very dry – Spring, Summer and the Autumn. We have received 21{12a0b04c8112bc6fb02f4968898d7361e96e550d77e132d7a1c2b48f4bcc1854} of our average rainfall since the beginning of August last year and at this stage we have about 3 weeks of feed left. We have had a small shower last week and more is forecast for this week, so will keep hoping and praying



We have become more aware of the ramifications of our farming practices on human health, and as such have tested our produce to verify it’s nutritional value. These nutritional tests are posted on the website and deserve a read. A link to a good explanation of what they mean is also posted on the page. Click on the above link to take you straight to them.

It has become a real joy for us to hear of our produce being a help to customers who have or are having health issues. A increasing number of our customers are people who cannot eat food produced from an ‘industrial system’ of agriculture and it is wonderful that we are able to fill that nutritional requirement with our meat. HEALTH IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT.


New Mince and Sausage Packs.

We have introduced a new 10kg mince and sausage pack in both the beef and lamb. Over the last few months we have been trialling a number of different gourmet sausage recipes and will start to incorporate them into the other meat packs in the next few weeks, once we get the results from our ‘tasters’ and ‘testers’.

At the moment we are offering the regular sausages and gluten and preservative free sausages with the beef packs and the Lamb and Rosemary (gluten free) sausages with the lamb mince pack.





The Beef Gourmet Sausage recipes that we have decided on are: “Cracked Pepper and Worcestershire” and “Bush Tomato, Pepperberry and Lemon Leaf”.

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.


What’s Happening on the Farms

They sheep have been classed, joined, crutched and will be pregnancy scanned at the end of May before annual shearing at the end of June.

The cows have been pregnancy tested and drafted into their appropriate herds for calving in July. Calves have been weaned and the draft of the best steer calves are now in their own paddock.

We have sown about 200 acres of Triticale to hopefully give us another feed source during winter and then a cash source in summer. We are hoping it will germinate on the rain that we have had this past week and that the forecasted rain will arrive this week.

It has been quite amazing to see the condition of our livestock and the health through this dry time. They have been supplemented only for a short time in February with some hay.


We are finding it easier to post and put up photos on our Facebook page and so have planned that this will be where we focus most of our photos and news. Please like the Gilgai Farms page if you are a Facebook user and you should get most of our news.

For those who are not Facebook users we will continue with this newsletter but on a less frequent level.




Eric and Wendy are looking forward to a short break before annual shearing gets underway at the end of June. They travelled to Emerald in May for the 1st birthday of their youngest grandson Blake.

Eric and Wendy both participated in his christening or dedication ceremony. A wonderful time.

We have also had Scott’s Mum and Dad (Dale and Barry) stay with us from New Zealand whilst we celebrated Scott’s 40th at Gilgai over the Easter weekend. A great time was had by all and we enjoyed catching up with them and getting to know them better.

Luke and Karissa and family have moved into Wellington and the children have all started in their new schools. They seem to have settled in well and are somewhat enjoying town life again. Luke is still working on the farms and commutes each day.

Eric has also been busy with speaking at a Direct Marketing Forum in Borenore in April, hosting 105 University of Sydney students on farm, speaking to a group of Holistic Resource Management graduates near Wagga Wagga, hosting an afternoon visit from the Watershed Landcare Microscope Group from Mudgee who are into the soil microbial benefits of agriculture.

We have also had a visit from Hannah Gosnell, an Associate professor of geography from Oregon State University who is researching the soil carbon story in Australia. Hannah spent an afternoon and night with us where we gave her the “Gilgai” story.

Stipa Native Grass Association are also running a Carbon Farming Initiative project on the farms and we have had a few visits from their various members over the last few months.

Rhonda is currently in Australia spending her time between Mum and Dad in Dubbo, Sydney and the farms before returning to Singapore mid June.

Mum and Dad have both been unwell. Mum had a cancer cut out her leg in April and whilst Dad was looking after her he had to have emergency surgery to remove a necrotic gall bladder. My brother Paul flew out from New Zealand and spent some time with them and helped them get back on their feet for which we are very grateful. They are both on the mend and are nearly 100{12a0b04c8112bc6fb02f4968898d7361e96e550d77e132d7a1c2b48f4bcc1854} recovered.

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”

Winston Churchill

Wishing you a wet winter and warmest regards,

Eric, Wendy and Team

Testimonials for Gilgai Farms Grass Fed Beef and Lamb

“Because I have been on the farm and I have seen the absolute health and well being of the animals, I would highly recommend the produce.
This is some of the best food, vital food that you can get….. and delicious so …..’don’t delay … get some today’.

“Our family purchased a Gilgai Beef pack and found the meat to be amazingly tender and full of flavour. It was quite different to the supermarket meat. The kids love it too.”

“A short note to express our deepest appreciation with your “butchers” delivery last Friday.  It is most welcome, and we have already sampled a couple of meals. We would be interested in finding out where you had them killed and hung and the process, as it is very good meat. No doubt the breeding had a lot to do with the quality. Once again very many thanks.”
Joan and Peter

“We were delighted with the exceptional quality and flavor of the meat. It is so tender and succulent. We have found it hard to get quality meat where we live. It’s the best meat we’ve tasted!! Can’t wait for the next delivery!!!”

“You can taste the freshness and the meat is very kind on the digestive system”

“We cannot remember when we tasted beef this good, with its beautiful flavour and texture, and very tender. It is so pleasing to see somebody taking such care in the farming and slaughtering process.  The whole family is looking forward to our future orders.”

“I have to say it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a steak that was as tender, juicy and tasty as the one I had”.

I would have to say the meat is fabulous. Everything is much better than we get from the supermarket. The taste is certainly unique and deep. I did not think that meat could taste this good, even better than the restaurants.”

“The meat we got from Gilgai was exceptional. The steaks were equal or better than any I have had before.”

“My partner (who generally dislikes sausages) has been converted and can’t get enough of the Gilgai sausages. The rump steak was amazing and the premium mince was a dream to cook with. All in all I am extremely happy about the quality of the product, the ethos of the farm and the above-and-beyond service from Eric and his staff.”

A Local Food System which supports Sustainable Agriculture

An Interesting article care of Carolyn Ditchfield from her Newsletter FTSU.

“Fletcher Allen Health Care serves two million meals a day, making them the largest restaurant in the Burlington, Vermont area.

According to Health Care Without Harm, the heart of the pledge is “treating food and its production and distribution as preventative medicine that protects the health of patients, staff, and communities.”

Field Day Invitation

Welcome, and wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year even though it is now already February.

Meat Packs

We have restarted the meat sales and the first lot for this year went out on the 1st February. Thank you to all existing customers and welcome to all the new ones. Orders are already starting to trickle in for the next lot with delivery only about 3 weeks away. Please get your orders in soon as they will go fast.

Field Day

You are all invited to the Observant Field Day on Thursday the 1st of March. We hope to start at 9:30 am at the ‘Gilgai’ woolshed. Hope to finish about 1:00pm. Please bring your own lunch and a chair and for directions please follow this link. Morning tea will be supplied.

We will be looking at the Observant Remote monitoring system in action and a general look around the farms at the paddocks and livestock and our farming system.

There will be plenty of experts around on the day to help you with any queries eg cost benefits, installations, applications, what can be monitored etc.

Could you please RSVP to Mark Gardner care of  Vanguard Business Services or email Mark at mark.gardner@vbs.net.au

Part of last years field day attendees

Whats Happening on The Farms

Mum and Dad are in the midst of moving into Dubbo after 8 years at ‘Cooee’. They have both been a tremendous help over the years with fencing, tree planting, compost making and helping to identify grass species. I think they are looking forward to downsizing and being closer to all the facilities.

We are hosting two Vet Students from the University of Sydney who are coming to spend a week with us in February.

The initial enquiry was It would be really great to be able to do our practical experience at Gilgai because most of what we learn about is grain-fed cattle (as this is the ‘norm’), so getting a fresh perspective would be very eye opening for us! Hopefully we will be able to impart some of our passion for our system of farming, as well as the health benefits of this system to our livestock and also the end product,  namely grass fed red meat.

Luke and Karissa are well and the twins have started school this year. Dwight had his 3rd birthday in January and the twins have just celebrated their 5th on the 3rd of February.


Hannah, Kailee, Wendy and Dwight and 2 “special” birthday cakes


Eric, Wendy and the Team.

October Newsletter

Welcome All,

This newsletter was supposed to go out at the beginning of October but there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

Meat Packs

We are just completing a number of orders at the moment and will be filling the next lot at the end of November and then having a break over Christmas and the first half of January. After the wonderful rains over the last few months (starting in August) the stock are looking absolutely magnificent and the last steer and wethers that we sent up, were in the best condition of any that we have done.

If you think you might run out of meat over the Christmas period then get your orders in as soon as possible. We won’t be processing any orders this year that are received after the 26th of November.

Preservative and Gluten Free Sausages


We have trialled a new ‘preservative and gluten free sausage meal’ which has been well received. However we do warn that these sausages do lose colour a lot quicker so please check with us about your delivery schedule before ordering. We need to make sure that we can get it to you within a few days of packaging so that they still look the part. (They still taste great though).

These are now available as an option to our regular sausages. However just to remind you that our regular sausages are GLUTEN FREE. Just drop us a note in the comments box of your order if you would like these instead of the regular sausages.


Christmas All Year Round

As we come up towards Christmas we were thinking of ideas of how we could do something within our community, and as our prime focus is on healthy nutrient dense food we thought of the many homeless and “not so well off” who need feeding. After approaching the Dubbo Community Kitchen they said they would be happy to take any meat we could send them.

The challenge is this then:

If you have any cuts or parts of cuts (eg half the sausages or mince) in your pack that you would like to donate to the Dubbo Community Kitchen Inc. (and Immanuel Care who work together,) we will forward these cuts to them on your behalf.

Any leftovers from each cut up at the butchers will now be sent to them, as well as any that you, our customers designate. We are hoping we may be able to send them meat every month from now on. Once again drop us a note in the comments section of your order.

The Community Kitchen currently has 60 volunteers who feed at the moment between 60 and 90 people on a weekly basis. They are a not for profit organisation and do an amazing job with what is donated to them. All the food that they dispense has been donated to them. The Kitchen is organised by the Baptist Church in Dubbo and held in the Dubbo Uniting Church Hall.


Rhino Awards

We were nominated again this year in 2 categories for the Dubbo City Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business Awards. These awards are called the ‘Rhinos’ and we were judged as finalists in 2 categories being: Excellence in Rural Achievement and Excellence in Environmental Sustainability. We managed to win the Silver Rhino for Excellence in Rural Achievement.

Luke and Eric with the Silver Rhino Award’

Congratulations also to Mark Gardner and team from Vanguard Business Services who also won a Silver Rhino for “Excellence in Product and Service”

What’s Happening on the Farms

We had Courtney White stay with us for a few days in September. Courtney is the executive director and co-founder of the Quivira Coaltion in America. This is an organistion that now oversees over a million acres, where they have brought ranchers and conservationists together to restore and regenerate the landscape. It is well worth checking out the 2 minute infomercial about their conference coming up in November on the link above.

Calf and Lamb Marking was completed in September and although percentages were slightly down on last year, the overall result was very pleasing. We had 5 sets of twins this year in the cattle compared to 9 last year.

Shearing we are getting ready for shearing in the middle of November and hope that the very recent lift in wool prices will continue through for the rest of the season. We shore some cull ewe hoggets in September and the test results and sale of that wool was very pleasing. The main line tested at 15.1 micron, 71.7{12a0b04c8112bc6fb02f4968898d7361e96e550d77e132d7a1c2b48f4bcc1854} yield and 51Nktx strength. Hope the rest of shearing goes similarly.


Wendy’s Birthday was well celebrated on the 19th of August. We had 30 family members for a BBQ on the Friday night and then the “official party” was on the Saturday night. We sat down 55 adults and 18 children for a very enjoyable evening. It was wonderful to have all the children and grandchildren together for the first time and to have a quick review of the life of a very talented Wendy.

Rhonda and James came up for the party and it was good to catch up with them. Rhonda stayed on for Dad’s 82nd birthday on the 1st of September before going back to Singapore.

  ‘Four Generations of Harvey Boys at Gilgai’

Eric has hosted a module at ‘Gilgai’ for the ‘Boot Camp Green’ being run by Vanguard Business Services and has also been away talking in Wagga Wagga and also presenting at an Observant producer demonstration site near Coonabarabran. He had a quick trip to Queensland and has been kept busy with Gym, Rotary, the farm and all the “admin work” which doesn’t seem to end.

He and Wendy will be attending the Stipa Native Grasses Association annual conference in Holbrook in early November.

Luke and Karissa have been well and have just returned from a break down at the coast. Karissa has been attending Boot Camp Green with Eric and enjoying the cross flow of ideas from the other participants. They are preparing for the twins to start school next year.

A wonderfully filmed documentary by Rebecca Hosking of BBC fame called A Farm for The Future is well worth watching. It has provoked a lot of thought about our own farming system and how we are prepared for the future.

” The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air and exercise.”     Thomas Edison


Eric, Wendy and the Team.